Thursday, November 11, 2010

the relations between the book and the movie

I feel like Henry relates to Christopher a little better. Henry has a passion for dinosaurs and Christopher is really interested in math and numbers. They both focus on one thing at the moment. They block out everything else around them. They want to find out more and more about it and they don’t put anything else in their minds. In the movie the kids with autism didn’t associate with the other kids at school, and that was similar to Christopher. They all show more interest in what is around them little bit more than people without autism do. They lack the emotions to understand other people and that disconnects them from the humans. But they all showed some what connection to each other. Some of them related little more than the others. Henry showed the most relation because he was interested in one thing and focused on it. Christopher screams and blocks out when he feels like there is too much information coming at him at the same time. The kids in the movie went to the corner of the room when they felt frustrated. People with autism see things differently then people who don’t have it. They see and experience things that we don’t usually bother looking at. They have their own little world inside their minds, which they go to just to be safe and calm. Christopher relates to these kids in so many levels that a person with autism would only understand. People don’t understand why they do the things they do, and they thing it’s weird but they just don’t understand it.


The film help me understand a lot about the charter Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time because the film show us how the kids with autism behavior. For me what help most understand Christopher in film was Neal because he has behavior problem just Christopher descried in his book. Also in the book I could not understand when he said don’t like people touch him, but the film make it so much clear because show it us why most Autism’s people Locke emotions and how they don’t like lone noise. How they don’t like bight light. In the film it also said most the autism kids are scarred of the world so it crazy so that why they are in their only litter world. That why Christopher is his only litter world. In the book it Christopher feel more around dogs and rats than human being. It also said Christopher spends most of his time playing computer games and hanging out with his pet rat. That show us that Christopher don’t fit in the human but he think fit more wit animals. In the film there this boy name Henry and he like most Christopher because they both in their world. They are both very intelligent in their our way. Henry is good at one subject and the subject is dinosaur. Christopher is good at math and science. Henry has too much thing on in head so don’t talk to kids that much. He is same as Christopher and Christopher said he like computer . He has to close eye when there too much in head. Most Autism and Asperge’s syndrome kids are very good one subjects