Thursday, October 14, 2010

breaking the rules

Did we ever stop and ask why we break the rules almost everyday? we ignore the rules and live everyday as we didn't do anything wrong. whats so interesting about this is , we choose the rules we want to break. for example we wont go to the street and kill someone, but we will speed or plagiarize, and even lie. why do we do these things over and over again? we do these things because we don't think the consequences will be major or we we wont get caught.but is it really worth it to break all of these rules and think its OK because we wont get caught? well i think not, matter fact i think we should make an overt to follow the rules in general. even though we have people who force the rules on us we still don't follow them. think about why we even have these rules and the reason behind it. if it wasn't for our safety we wouldn't even have these rules. so when you break a rule think about the harm you might cause. and what if someone gets hurt because you didn't care. its all of these things we should be thinking before we even think about breaking a rule. and who knows it can really change the way we think about all of these rules.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Does anybody no ABOUT STAY AT HOME DADS?

The Advantage and disadvantages of technology

In my opinion I think technology is advantage in a younger people, is it only me or every body agree with me ?

why do we wear makeup ?

Somali Pirates

Do most of us knew about the Somali Pirates? May be we saw on the new the pirates hijacking the foreign ships.But do we know what draws those people to became pirates?i believe that every thing start with reason because being pirates is not good idea and no one want to interrupt the foreign ships.the reasons that made them to became pirates are illegal fishing, dumping of toxic waste, every thing they had was being taking away they fisherman in Somalia tried to stop the trawlers fishing in their water but they couldn't.imagine a father in Somalia who tries to feed his family and the food he bringing home is poisoned fish. the industries use to hire the fisherman stopped working after they found died fishes. people who lived near the sea found skin diseases respiratory infections they get after they eat poisoned fishes. and the people organized them selves to attack those ships and later turned into pirates.

Why Do We Want To Travel ?

I think traveling is more important to me because when I traveling for any country that time I can learn a lot thing ,it could be language , culture , more communicated with different people , also the religion that can I more understand what they belief every country . Also the kids they liked to traveling in summer time when the have holiday because they want to place that can they have more fun and they can do more adventure . Traveling is time that can family have more relax and fun , the other thing travel gave time that can family talking for everything . some of people liked to travel because of the language to learn more , also to have more idea about that new language .

Confessions of a Workaholic

Is it just me or does it kind of seem like jobs control the planet? I mean, obviously they're important and necessary, that's not what i mean. They control the planet by controlling the minds of everyone on it! I've had enough with people putting their jobs before everything else for convenience. HOW DOES YOUR JOB MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE CONVENIENT?! The problem is the way we look at it. We buy things to save time so we can work more but would all that extra work be necessary if we didn't waste the money on some stupid time saving meal or other convenient purchase. Think about it, someone who works every day and gets a thirty minute lunch break probably quickly runs to a restaurant and probably spends a couple bucks on a quick meal that they cant take back to the office. Of course they need a quick meal because they have to get back to work! Think about how much money someone working five to seven days a week could save if they started bringing their food from home. No one would even have to leave their desk to get food! Then they wouldn't miss a minute of work time. But hey, if they're not spending all that money, maybe they can afford to miss a little work time since they won't be needing all that money for their expensive take out food! The other time and money saving strategy would just be being satisfied with what we have! Why do we always need the next best thing when what we have is perfectly functionable? Just like working for money for food, we work so much to buy nice things! Now, that is not where the problem lies. Of course we are allowed to treat ourselves when we work hard to earn money. The problem is not being happy with it! An Example? Perhaps you know someone who just bought a brand new television. They probably put in a lot of time at work to afford that TV. So when are they gonna watch it? They'll probably tell you that now that they have it, how much do you want to bet that they are going to go back hard to work so they can go buy some other nice thing. We need to live in the moment, think about what our families and friends need from us for once instead of always thinking about what our job needs from us. Take a step back and look at the order in which you've placed your priorities!

Non Shopaholic

Why do people love shopping? Shopping is a stressful experience. There are always pushy staff who will always force you into buying products that you do not want. How is shopping fun when you always end up going to the mall shoppping from one store to another. How could you enjoy shopping when all you hear is different loud music from each store? The worst part about shopping is when you find something you like, you must always try it on and see if it fits on correctly. Shopping is not a fun experience, its a stressful experience. How could you shop when ever store you go to has pushy staff who give u a fake smile and try to convince you into buying their products. When you tell them that you dont want their products, their smiles will automacitly fall from their face. How could you enjoy shopping when all you hear all day is loud music coming from different stores. That really gives me a big headache. Shopping is not fun at all.

Username: Jekyll? or Hyde?

Sometimes I think that if I put half of what I've ever posted online in front of my own mother, she'd never even realize it was my writing. In fact, I'd be willing to bet you $100 right now that the first words out of her mouth once she had been told that it was my writing would be "I would have never known. It certainly doesn't SOUND like you." And I'm willing to follow that bet up with another one about YOU. I'm willing to bet another $100 your mom wouldn't recognize your online alter-ego either. Huh? Denying it? Don't. Your resistance if futile.

Isn't it funny how once we jump on a computer, our braver (albeit often stupider) side comes out to play? Okay, okay maybe the stupider comment was a bit much for you to take, but you have to admit that you do it too. Its okay, we all do it. Admitting you have a problem being your sweet, cordial, polite self when you are online like you are when you are offline is the first step to overcoming your - I mean, our - problem. There, don't you feel better? I know I do. Besides, its not like anyone would know your real name is Bob when your username is actually KillFluffyBunniesForFun or anything. That's the beauty of the internet, unless they're a FBI or CIA computer hacker, no one will ever know! Isn't that great?!

Now if you'll excuse me HellCat2000 needs to rip someone a new one. Ahem......