Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Credibility Shirefarah. Ayub Suleiman. Mahamud, Abdul.

This is a credibility advertisement which shows Cristiano Ronaldo Racing a Vyron Bugatti while wearing his new nike soccer shoes. The Vyron Bugatti is the fastest car in the world. They are advertising the soccer shoes that he is wearing. It is a credibility because they are using Cristiano Ronaldo as a famous player. They are are trying to say that if you wear these shoes then you can be as fast as a vyron bugatti.


This advertisement shows creditability because Kobe Bryant is one of the most dominate basketball players in the National Basketball Association. This allows the consumers to want this product because they know that Kobe is a credible individual and it’s clear that he wants to wear the product. Therefore knowing that Kobe is endorsing these shoes, the consumers will become just like Kobe.

Faiza gedi,Hiis Mohamoud,Fartun Mohamud


This image depicts more about pathos. It shows to views how success she looks wearing her hijab. Even thought she has her hijab she does not look less successful, less happy, less beautiful than others. Wearing her hijab gives her a power to do what she wants to do in life. Her belief will not make her less, but make her more success.

Sarah Whaley & Kim Nance

This advertisement for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is encouraging pet owners in New York City (NYC) to spay or neuter their large dogs by appealing to the emotions and logic of urban pet owners. It uses an image depicting a popular large dog breed styled in a similar manner to graffiti, both of which are common in the urban population. This captures the attention of the desired audience by appealing to their emotional ties to both their pets and their appreciation for urban art. The ad also gives several benefits to spaying or neutering which include a "longer, healthier life" and "less straying" which many pet owners can identify with. This appeals to the pet owner's logical side. We believe this ad achieves its desired effect using these 2 techniques of persuasion.

Hodan, Abdi,Ayan

This advertisement is using a famous artist who is wearing a suit from Macy’s and there is a lady with him, so they making the people want to buy the clothes from Macy’s. If you want look like him you have shop at Macy’s. He is showing the emotions that if you wear this suit you will feel cool and gentle. He is famous person and always people look up to the famous. He is persuading the boys to buy his suit.

Fartun Hassan, Amal Gedi, Suban Warsame

This image is an emotional appeal because they used a little girl, and someone’s hand holding a cigarette, which proves second hand smoking, is bad. It is trying to persuade people to quit smoking because it affects the people around them. For example in this picture, the parents who smoke are affecting their children because second hand smoking is the same as first hand smoking. When the parents who smoke see this picture, they are going to feel guilty because they were unaware of what they were doing to their children.

Monday, November 29, 2010

What Is Home To Finbar.

After watching the film titled "The Station Agent" i was mesmerized by the character Finbar who happens to be extremely short by the way. Finbar is a lonly individual who does not socialize with other people. It just so happens that he has only friend and that friend of his owns a small bussines. It appears that they have special connection with each other. So special that after the store owner died he left his home to Finbar. In other words Finbar inherits the home by the railroad simply because his friend put him in his will which he didnt know by the way. Upon learning this Finbar goes and checks the place he inherited from his friend. The railroad station home has no running water nor electricity. It looks out dated and no one should be living in it. It could be said that Finbar has emotional connection to the house he inherited even though it was in such a bad shape. The reason being he got it from the only friend he had whom he did not share blood with. The store owner could have put a family member in his will thus ensuring they inherit what he left behind but rather chose Finbar.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film, The Station Agent, there are three main characters. Fin McBride, Olivia Harris, and Joe Oramas. Fin was first introduced who is a midget and having hard time people making fun of him. Fin inherited a house from a friend in New Jersey and decided to live alone from people making of him. Secondly, Joe was introduced. Joe is also lonely but talkative and socializing guy unlike Fin who’s quite and not socializing person. Joe volunteers coffee shop that his father owns near the depot that Fin lives in. Lastly, Olivia was introduced whose old age woman and lonely as Fin is. These characters have all loneliness in common but Joe and Olivia likes to socialize unlike the one who inherited the house, Fin. The house he inherited seems to be everything to Fin, where he can hide from the fun making human beings. As Anna Quindlen said, “Home is where the heart is. There is no place like home. I like my home with a ferocity totally out of proportion to its appearance or location” In her essay “Homeless”. This goes for Fin as well, because he lives in a depot that looks very old and near train station. Fin really enjoys being home alone and it’s where he is mostly happy being at. Joe and Olivia tried to help Fin socialize and have fun with them. By the help of his dear and newly friends, Fin finally became sociable. He even went to an Elementary School and gave some speech about trains which was something that he enjoys and he didn’t even felt bad about the judgments of his height by the little kids. The film ended and eventually Fin was sociable, happy, and even had girlfriend in his life.

In the film that we watch "The station Agent", there were three charecters, the main charecter was finbar's. fin had a good friend named hennery, but his friend hennery die. when his friend Hennery dies, he became a very quit person and he always like to be alone and walk lonely after he lost his friend hennerry. Fin and other two characters they all have same issue, their biggest issue was home, they was all looking for a house. Fin find a house when his friend left him a small house next to the train station in Newfoundland New Jersey. fin meet a new friend when he moved in Newfoundland NJ. His new friend's name was joe and he lived near finbar's house , his friend JOe provide food olivia and Fin then he invite them to eat to gether. fin and olivia has something in common, they both losses thier closes people olivia son past away 2 years ago then Fin's best friend past away. at the end of the move we realized Olivia run away from her hasbund and lived where her famaly used to lived in newfoundland NJ. Finbar finnaly got crash on Olivia but she reject it when she got mad because she was drug adiction.