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Chapter 29 Lost at the movies

The article "Lost at the movies" by Bill Bryson appears in the book "I'm a stranger here myself'". The point of this article is that the author is trying to prove to the readers that summer movies are really dumb and that people spend money watching it.
Bill Bryson states that summer movies are big bussiness in America. The author wrote that summer movies are really dumb. "The movies are so dumb, so very, very dumb that it is hard to abide them" (Bryson 114). The author said that back in the 60s the movie theaters were a dumb. The theaters used to smell like dead horse. "I am sure there was a dead horse in there somewhere"(Bryson 115). But the movies back then was really good. Bryson is also trying to say that down town movie theaters are almost all gone now. Instead of having big downtown theaters, now there are suburban multiplexes theaters with small screening rooms. Bryson also stated that movie theaters now a days are really small and that theaters try to fit nine rows of seat in each theater. They also make people sit for 30minutes to watch commercials. He also stated that movie theater snacks are very expensive.

Summary of ''Ah Summer!"

The chapter of “Ah Summer!" By Bill of Bryson. In the book called " I'm a stranger Here Myself". it made Bryson remember his old life.
The main points of this chapter are to show the reader’s how summer is beautiful and fun. The author says Iowa where he grows up is always hot on the summer when he compare to other states. He also talked about when he found a house. One evening the author looked out and he feel that darned pretty for dinners tonight. The author also talks about the skunk he found on his house and how bad he smells. “Been around with skunk is the worst thing "he mean that skunk smell so bad that you can even get closer to him. Every night the skunk comes home to find some food. Bryson finally became friend with skunk, and to show his appreciation he usually put food on the table so the skunk can come and eat. After two years the skunk disappeared. Bryson didn’t saw the skunk again. Bryson feel so bad because he was so friendly with the skunk and he think he may adopt another one.

Chapter 11 Design Flaws

The Artical "Design Flaws" by "Bill Bryson" appears in the book "I'm a Stranger Here Myself." Bryson claims that Product are ill thought out, and basically have alot of flaws now days.

For an example Bryson mention how his son has atleast sixty one houndred pairs of running shoes, an they are all flawless because of the designers. Next, the reason why he really mentiones that is because of his computer an how it has many keys that just are there for no reason. " I have so many Keys, in fact, the right-hand side of the keyboard there are whole communities of buttons of whose function i have the tiniest inkling".(pg 40) He goes on more about how the computers are not well thought out an the olde ones are. Bryson also critizes the Dodge Excreta, an how its storage tray really sucks because it doesnt really hold nothing. He also comes to conclusion that alot things have been design by people who are careless, also all the best designers are making Running shoes.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summary of "The Best American Holiday"

The article "The Best American Holiday" by "Bill Bryson" appears in the book "I'm a Stranger Here Myself." Although some people think that Christmas is the best American holiday, the author believes that Thanksgiving is the best American holiday.
In this article the author talks about his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. He starts by describing his mom's poor culinary skill . However, on Thanksgiving he is surprised by a Thanksgiving dinner his mom had created in which he describes as perfect. With that experience, he describes to us how Thanksgiving was formed and the reasons behind the holiday. One of the reasons that he concludes is that Thanksgiving allows us to give thanks. The author proceeds to give thanks, but he soon finds out that there is a downside to Thanksgiving. It starts the time to prepare for Christmas.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 13 Consuming Pleasures

Summary of “Consuming Pleasures”
The article “America is the ultimate shopping paradise” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself.

The Thesis of the article is to show readers that American is the ultimate Shopping is not good and Bryson is trying to make is that everyone is American is almost you cannot buy in this remarkable country. That American also have catalog arrived unsolicited with the morning mail. There are a lot of outlet stores in America. Outlet malls are communities where famous brands are sold at discount prices. Another method of shopping is catalogs. Catalogs are shopping by mail. There is also telemarketing is it a new business. As American we buy products for strangers on the phone and we are coming with new ideas shopping way come every time. Shopping has been the national sport in America for decades. When America wants to make you buy stuff they dazzle even if it is a paper towel dispenser. The producer of a product will try to do anything to get the consumer to buy something by changing the products name to a different language or even saying the product has better material then the old product.

summary of "Enough Already''

The article ''Enough already" by Bill Bryson is in the book I'm a stranger here myself.
the point of the article is to show the readers how we have too many varieties of everything.
Bryson mentions how we have too many choices and we take too much time picking one because there is on flavor after another and you just get distracted about what you really wanted to get in the first place. he is trying to say we need to be simple and stick to one thing. he talks about how when he was in the airport and he asked for a plain coffee but the guy who is selling them starts naming all of these different types of coffees. he says we don't need to have this many choices but we really don't need them. even being the smallest things we have too many varieties of it which Bryson says is unnecessary but his wife and children love. he says in time they will grow tired of this and want nothing but simple and sadly there is no sign of it happening now

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abdurahman hussein - self Introduction

Home to me would be the West side of columbus Ohio because thats were i grew up at.

The Last book i read was I'm A Stranger Here Myself.

My Favorite Book is the Quran, the reason why is because thats what i really enjoy reading the most, an it really discipline me as a kid.

I really enjoy writing no matter what its about, One experience i recall on is my senior year when i had to write for scholarship.

I go by the Golden Rule.

Summary of “A Visit to the Barbershop”

The article “A Visit to the Barbershop” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. The point of the article is to show readers why Bryson hates going to the barbershop so much.

Bryson has very unruly hair. It rarely does what he wants it to in the first place. That, combined with many terrible hair cutting experiences, makes Bryson dread going to the barbershop. He feels powerless when he is at the barbershop; he is at the mercy of a person wielding scissors. The author illustrates his unluckiness and helplessness by explaining a recent hair cutting experience where his hair was cut by a barber-in-training who did not listen to Bryson’s request for just a little trim. Instead, the barber hacked away at his hair carelessly and gave him an embarrassing style. Bryson then mentions how the icing on the cake is having to pay for such a bad haircut and then having to go home to a wife who insults the new hairdo.

Mohamud Abdulle (Home).

Where is home to you?
I consider my home to be the part of the world where i spent most of my life in, as of now it's tie between two contries and they are ( U.S, Kenya ).

What is the last thing you read?

The last thing i read was a book tittled ( am a stranger here my self ), I've read up to ten chapters so far.

What is your favorite book?

The (koran) which is a religious book is my fovorite by far. Believe it or not but the koran confirms what scientists are discovering now and the koran was revealed thousands of years ago.

Tell us something about you experience with writing?

It's a bit hard since english is my third language.

What else should we know about you?

Am very quite and non talkative compared to other students, its not that am shy but i think if i have nothing beneficial to say i keep mouth shut.

Ayub's self introduction

  1. Home is where i live, where my parents live, and where i mostly sleep.
  2. The last thing i read was a soccer team report about Realmadrid. It was about how they defeated ajax another soccer team by one goal.
  3. Captured is my favorite book. Captured is about a slave black woman who was set free by a man who was so kind to her.
  4. Well, i experienced writing is the key of education. Mostly education is about writing.
  5. I am kind person. i can interact with all kinds of people.

Fartun Mohamud Home

Where's home to you ?

Home to me is any place that makes me feel, safe, humble and loved. Home is a place that you can go to in times of hardship.

What was the last thing you read?

The last thing that I have read is a book called No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. It was a reading assignment that was due.

What's your favorite book?

My favorite book that I have read is called Cry the Beloved Country. This book focuses on the apartheid of South Africa and how they overcame it.

Tell us something about your experience with writing.

My writing is not well, but it is improving. One of my favorite hobbies are writing and reading as well. I need to improve my writing skills in areas such as Grammar, coma etc.

What else should we know about you?

I am very outgoing person who loves to have fun. I am easy to get along with and love to travel (name it I’ve been there). I am family oriented and love to be with them every second.

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Hiis Mohamoud self introduction.

Where is home to me is where i was born. I was born Somalia but i raise in Kenya home is my mother land, where my parents grow up.

What was the last thing you read? The last book that i readed was I'm stranger here myself, the other book that i readed was an Holy Book of Islam.

What's your favorite book?
My favorite book was Twitlight, i alos watched the movie. It was very interesting to read and also to watched the movie eventhough they are not the same story that is in the book, the book was more interesting the movie.

Tell us something about your experience with writing ?
I have not wrote anthing about years dont know how my writting it will be sense i come back to write papers again, but i always try my best to write the best writting that can write also get help from the writting centure as much as can.

What else should we know about you?
I am an very patient, understandable person which you can comminicate easy.

Faiza Gedi ...Self Interdiction

1.Where's home to you ? am from Somalia I born in Saudi Arabic and I grow up in Syria ,but I never went to Somalia I really want to go there in one day that is one of my dreams

2.What was the last thing you read? The last thing I read"No Impact Man" by Colin Beaven the book is really good and I believe that there is aslo a movie based off the book.

3.What's your favorite book? I just read "Marley&Me" by John Grogan I laughed and I cried very good book ,i have read many that enjoyed but this one of favorite.

4.Tell us somthing about you experience with writing?Writing is one of my hardest subject that i really want to learn more about it I think because I am not that good at.

5.What else should we know about you?Iam so open person ,I like to meet new people and I like to have fun with family,friends, I love to travel a lot different places and to see different cultures and share min as well.

About me

Shire Farah

1. Home is where you feel like home is. Home is where my family and friends are. With out them I dont think that I should be there.

2. The last thing I read was a blog about FIFA 11. It talk about when the game was coming out and what critics thought of it.

3. My favorite book is Please Stop Laughing at Me. It is a very sad book about a girl who gets bullied in high school. This book really touched me in a way that I have never been touched by in any kind of book.

4. As a young child growing up in america, I was learning how to spell my name while my other class mates were learing how to spell large words. Basicaly I was always playing the catch up game. This is because I was not born in America, so I had to learn English before anything else. As of right now, im not good at writting essays. But I am working hard to becoming better.

5. I am a soccer fanatic. From watching the world cup this year to playing the actual video game. I going to major in Busines. I have a very big family.

Amal,Gedi...self introduction

1)my home is Somalia , but I'm bron in Saudi Arabia I'm grow up there but my dream is to go back one day in my country Somalia.

2) THE last book I'm read it was "NO IMPACT MAN" by Colin Beaven. it was good book and I'm learn alot thing in that book .

3)My favorite book "Three cups of tea" by Greg Mortenson

4)writing is has difficult to me becouse the first time I know how to get the idea but the problem how to start and end paper.

5)I like travel ,watching Tv with my family , also I'm spend all my time read book with my lil sister .
1. Where's home to you? I was born in Syria. But I grew up in Columbus, OH. Ohio is my real home.
2. What was the last thing you read? The last book I read was No Impact Man. The author for that book was Colin Beavan. I had to read that book for my freshman Survery class.
3. What's your favorite book? My favorite book is called Behind You. That book is my favorite book because every time I read it, it makes me want to cry. That book is really sad.
4. Tell us something about your experience with writing ?
Writing is really hard for me. The hardest part about writing is wrting essays. Its very diffcult for me to a long essay without any help. Its really hard for me to come up with ideas to write essays.
5. What else should we know about you? I graduated from Franklin Heights High School. I lived in Ohio most of my life.

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fartun hassan>self introduction

1. home to me is a place where your heart is and that place is Somalia. its where my roots are and i will always love my mother land.

2. the last thing i read was a book called ''No Impact Man'' because it was a school assignment.

3. my favorite book is the holy Quran because it disciplaned me and it teached me things that i didn't know before.

4. i don't have any experience with writing and i really didn't do much writing but i want to improve that and i hope i reach my goal.

5. i am respectful, passionate and honest and i love meeting new people so i can understand them better.

Introduction About my self

1. Iwas born in somalia and raise in kenya.right now united states is my home because home to me is where live now.
2.the last book i read was the book called "No Imapct Man" because it was assignment in my USS class.
3. My favorite book is the Holly Quran because i like to read it more and more, and ilearned many things that i didn't know before.
4. Idon't have that much experience in writting. Because i am a foriegn student and it is not easy for me to writ.but iam trying to improve my write skils
5. Iam hardworking, honest and respectful person. i like to spend time with my family and share ideas with them. ilove to help people as much i can

Hodan Hashi Self Introduction

  1. Home to me is Hargeyisa ,Somali and it is north part of Somali.

  2. The last book i have read was No impact man because it was assignment for school.It was a good book and teach me about our environment.

  3. My favorite book is Letter to Young Sitter .It great a book about a brother and a sister . She has a lot thing to dealing with but she keep her faith and go kept go to school.

  4. Writing is difficult is for me because I don't know where to beginning a paper it hard for me come up with ideas..
  5. I graduated from Brookhaven High School . I am the second young in my family and I have a big foot steps to follow because my brothers and sisters all graduated from college and are workin their career. They have excellent jobs and i want be like them.

David Girgis - Self Introduction

1. Where's home to you? I have also lived in many places but my home would be here in Columbus, Ohio.

2. What was the last thing you read? The last thing I read was No Impact Man by Colin Beaven. I thought it was an interesting book and it made me think about what we are doing to the envrionment.

3. What's your favorite book? My favorite book is James and the Giant Peach. It's my favorite book because it was the first book I read.

4. Tell us something about your experiences with writing? Writing has be kind of difficult for me because I am not very creative. I always have a hard time starting the paper and ending the paper.

5. What else should we know about you? I played soccer troughout my childhood and especially in Highschool. It sucks that I am not able to play competitively but I still play pickup games.

Sarah Whaley - Self Introduction

1. Where's home to you?
Even though I live in Ohio, my heart will always belong to my "home" state of Michigan. I grew up in the northeastern part of the lower peninsula (if you're looking at your hand like a glove its the part between your "pinkie" & ring fingers).

2. What was the last thing you read?
Other then the required reading, the last thing I read was a 12 page, 1.5 million dollar task order proposal from the company I work for to a possible new client. It wasn't thrilling in the least. Welcome to my world.

3. What's your favorite book?
It depends on what I'm in the mood for and honestly I can never narrow it down to just 1 book. Lately I've been reading a lot of non-fiction having to do with the relatively current events in Afghanistan & Pakistan, so my current top four are probably: Greg Mortenson's "Three Cups of Tea" & "Stones Into Schools", Marcus Luttrell's "Lone Survivor" and Doug Stanton's "Horse Soldiers"

4. Tell us something about your experiences with writing.
My elementary school was less then a mile from Interlochen Arts Academy, a world renowned fine arts boarding school, so I was exposed to a lot of creative writing when I was younger because students from the arts school would come down and work with us. Today, I spend most of my time writing business proposals and formal letters, so my creative outlet for writing is mainly blogging (being the mother of an 8 year old, I belong to several "Mommy Blogs").

5. What else should we know about you?
I love big words. I love to learn new words and try and insert them into conversations. I blame it on my family's life long addiction to extremely competitive games of Scrabble.

Kim Nance--Self Introduction

1. Home to me is in Westerville, Ohio. I spent about ten years of my life there and even though it wasn't my first house, it was my first and, at this point, only real home.
2. The last thing i read was the common book "No Impact Man." Even though it was required, i really enjoyed the book and i couldn't put it down!
3. My favorite book is probably "Falling Up" by Shel Silverstein. It is a book of poems that i used to read out of every day when i was young.
4. I don't consider myself an extremely talented writer, but I do enjoy writing when it is about something that I am interested in. I often struggle with writing well structured papers so i am looking forward to improving my skills throughout the quarter in this English class.
5. I am focusing on majoring in animal sciences, with hopes of becoming a veterinarian when i graduate college. I love animals and i can't wait to one day be able to better and/or save their lives!