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The film Autism: The Musical help clarify that Christopher has Autism in many ways. First Christopher is happy if he is alone and playing with his pet rat, just like the other individuals in the movie. Most individuals with Autism lack social skills and that is why you see them alone most of the time. Some of reasons why they lack social skills is due to the fact that some can be verbal and some can not. For example, Neal could not speak but Christopher is very lucky and he is able to speak. Another reason is Chirstopher is very smart in a specific area just like Henry. Henry is very smart in terms of dinosaurs and lizards. While Christopher is very smart in Math and Science. Also in the movie alot the kids had some behaviors that really reminded of Christophere and basically gave me a better vision of how he would really act.


When I read the book ” The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" the first time I really don’t understand why Christopher acting different then other children , but when I watching the movie Autism: The Musical , that time I understand people have Autism they always acting like that and Christopher one of this kids .I think Henry and Christopher they are related for the most of thing .Christopher he resembling in math and Prime numbers, Also Christopher has very poor social skills stemming from his inability to imagine what other people are thinking or felling Christopher has poor social skills at work when he has difficulty explaining himself. And Henry has momentary for dinosaur, they both have the same point ,Christopher he has difficulties understanding people and he don’t like people touch him .Christopher he live in his own world and he spend most of time with animal like Henry he like act like animal .Henry he focus in one subject the dinosaur and he like to explain what he feel to each person. When I watch the move I see a lot of kids has autism but everyone has a different thing. Kids with autism often can't make connections that other kids make easily. For example, when someone smiles, you know the smiling person is happy or being friendly. But a kid with autism may have trouble connecting that smile with the person's happy feelings like Christopher he don’t like to communication with people and he don’t like to speak with stranger people. The something autism kids they had problem to have communication interacting socially with others and they may have certain repetitive behaviors. I think that is big reason why Christopher mother left home because she need give her child to have own life , or own world .The last think I can say we have to remember the kids have Autism is smart kids just the need some one to listening also more understand.


The film Autism: The Musical helped me understand Christopher because it clarified that he was autistic. Christopher has many symptoms of Autism although it is not as severe as some of the kids in the film. The most similarities that Christopher has with someone in the film is with Henry. Henry has autism that is known as Asperger Syndrome. One of the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome is having a common interest that occupies the brain so much that it does not leave room for normal things such as social skills (Osbayrak). For Henry, his interests are lizards and dinosaurs and Henry is so focused on those things that he does not know common things. Similarly, Christopher’s interests are Math and Science and he is so focused on those things that he does have many social skills. Another common occurrence is what Autistic kids do to calm down or to ease their brain. An important fact that was stated in the movie was that there are so many things that are going in their brain, that they are not able to compute it. So they sometimes need a way to relieve them. Christopher’s way for relieving himself is to do math problems while for Adam. His way of relieving himself is to cover his ears as seen as when he is on the playground. Most Autistic kids have many common things however there are some differences. Another important fact that was stated was that there are two big pictures of Autism. One is that they have verbal skills and the other is they do not. For Christopher he has the ability to have verbal skills just like Wyatt. However Neal does not have the capability to be able to talk. As you can see there are many types of Autism out there, some are severe and some are not. I think that if we look in an Autistic world, Christopher is very lucky to have a case that is not as severe.

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The film Autism: The Musical helped me understand the character Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. When I first read the book I did not understand why Christopher acted the way he did. Before watching the film I thought that Christopher was the only kid that ever had the disease. I also never understood how smart he was in school and how he could never understand human emotions. The film introduced many different kids who also had Autism. Henry a character from the film is very smart and he likes dinosores. Henry knows everthing about Dinosores. Henry and Christopher are very smilar. They both are very smart and they both live in their own world. Neal another character from the film also has Austim. He doesnt understand human emotions. He hits other kids. He acts out when he is under stress. Neal has problem understanding what others what from him. Nean and christopher are very smilar because Chrisopher also acts out under stress. For example when he went to the mall with his mom, he broke things and wetted his pants. Parents that have kids that are Autistic also feel stressed out like Chrisophers parents. Christopher's mom was really stressed out when chrisopher wetted his pants at the mall. Wyatt another character from the film also has Austim. Lexi a character from the films mothers went under depression. She felt very stresssful because of her daughters symptoms. Wyatt a character from the film hates people who bullie him. He also hates people who live in their own world. He believes that he lives in his own and he tries not to but he cant help it.

Film Blog Post (Autism)

How did the film help you to better understand the character Christopher in the curious

incident of the dog in the night time?

By watching the film my mind was able to comprehend the meaning of autism. I was able

to compare the kids in the film to the character of Christopher. I found out that autistic people

hate noise. For example in the film there is this part where Adam and the rest of the kids are

playing volleyball and all of a sudden Adam separates himself from the rest of the kids and

covers both of his ears with his hands. Same goes for Henry whose dad is a musician who

performs live concerts. Henry travels with his dad most the time and he gets to watch him

perform live but what he doesn’t do is listen to the music. He has head phones that he uses to

cover his ears with to reduce the noise. Furthermore I’ve observed Wyatt having the same

problems with noise. At rehearsal for the musical play Wyatt is practicing and memorizing his

line for the song when one of the kids pops a balloon and Wyatt runs to the teacher/director of

the play covering both of his ears and complains about the balloon pop and the noise it made.

Now if we go back to the book the curious incident of the dog in the night time and take a

look at page (106) we learn that Christopher cannot stand noise as well. On that page there is an

incident where Christopher goes shopping with his mom for a charismas gift for his grandma.

Since it was charismas the mall was very crowded and packed with people trying to get done last

minute shopping. It got too noisy for Christopher and he started screaming out of his lungs while

covering both of his ears. His mom tried to get him up and move him but he kept shouting and

Screaming and in the process knocked down few items off the shelf. Coming back to the question

I think it’s safe to say autistic people are not fond of noise.


This movie about kids that have autisms really helped better to understand Christopher the character in the book of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nigh-Time”. In this film Autism is defined as kids whom their brain function differently, colors and sounds maybe different for them. Christopher is one the kids that have an autism because in the book Christopher said “4 yellow cars in a row made it Black day, which is a day when I don’t speak to anyone and sit on my own reading books and don’t eat my lunch and Take No Risks” (Haddon 24). This means that Christopher doesn’t like the color yellow and it’s very bad for his day if he sees 4 yellow cars in row. In this film Henry is the most similar to Christopher than the other kids. Henry has an Asperger's syndrome a type of autism which is most likely the one that Christopher has. Asperger's syndrome is the type of autism that a kid is very smart and focuses on one thing and gets really good at it. Henry is very smart and he is so crazy about reptiles and dinosaurs. Christopher is a math genius and he is also good with science. Christopher doesn’t like loud noises and that makes him do groaning. Henry doesn’t like loud noises either but instead of groaning like Christopher he covers up his ears. This is a very helpful film because it explained “Autism” and how the reaction of the ones who are diagnosed with it. This movie helped me realized things that the book didn’t explained very much.

Autism: The Musical

The film, Autism: The Musical helped me understand the character of Christopher, from the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, by showing the effect that autism can have on everyone who is connected to the autistic child. I believe the film was able to show in greater detail the difficulties that the families must face, especially the hardships faced by the parents, than what Christopher is able to explain in the book. The parents in the movie and Christopher’s parents in the book are compelling examples of how the all-encompassing attention that needs to be given to an autistic child can lead to one parent feeling like they can’t do anything right and the other parent feeling like they have to do everything. It stands to reason that under that kind of burden, if the problems within the relationship aren’t addressed and are just allowed to continue to fester, eventually the relationship between the couple will break.

The struggles that Lexi’s parents endured seemed to mirror some of Christopher’s parents’ problems. Both of Lexi’s mother and Christopher’s mother suffered bouts of severe depression that left them unable to care for their children and in both cases, the fathers stepped in to take over parenting duties. The obvious difference in these cases, though, was that when the parents separated, Lexi’s mother, Hillary, remained with Lexi, where Christopher’s mother was the one who left the home and her child. It was interesting to note that in neither case were the parents able to, or possibly willing to, go to as great of lengths to save their marriage as they were willing to get help and services for their children. It appeared to truly be a case of putting the child’s needs ahead of everything else.

When I first read the book of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" I did not understand why Christopher was acting so weird when it came to humans. After seeing the film Autism: the Musical, I can see, and understand why Christopher was acting the way he was acting. This film also helped me to understand more about Christopher’s mother and father. I want to understand why Christopher’s mother left him, and why his father lies about it? I ask myself would I never leave my child, in his or her most needs time? I answer myself no, but I can also say that I judged book by its cover. In the film I can see why Christopher mother deiced to leave her son.

Christopher is a child with Autism that goes to his own world. For that I can notice how hard it was for his mother. In documentary I can also state that all the mothers had harder time with kids than the fathers. I think that Christopher mother and Lexi mother have similar character because Lexi mother looked she had harder time than others mothers in the film did. All the mothers in the film think that it was all their fall; that their kids have Autisms. In fact any child can have Autisms it no one fall for I child to have neurological disorder. In film it shows us the different neurological disorder that the kids have. The kids in the documentary have some kind of similarities to Christopher’s character. It is very clearer that Henry has the same disorder as Christopher does. This film was very helpful for me because I got more understanding of what a mother with child who has Autism feels every day in life. For that I can see why his mother wants to leave him. And I also think that she did not leave him because she did not love him, she left him because she wants Christopher to have his own world.


Autism is developmental disorder that has restrictive and repetitive behavior, this disorder’s unique characteristic is that it impairs child’s communication and social interactions skills and ability. Autism is big problem in our world today. In this particular case Henry and Christopher both have autism and each child display the symptom different from the other. In this movie, it really displayed many textbook symbols of this disorder and gave them a face, now I have seen or watched child, young and full of energy yet constrain by this disorder.
In the movie, Henry and Christopher have relatively displayed similar symptom or behavior which is caused by the Autism and it can be said those behaviors are both repetitive and restrictive. For example, Christopher has social interaction problems. He does not like being touch, he is unable to translate or interprets simple display of affection, like smiling, hugging or merely pat on the shoulder or head will tick him off. Christopher showed his skills in math particularly resembling different things may be side or colors and understands prime numbers. On the other hand, Henry has ability to focus on one subject particularly dinosaurs. Both boys live in their own world that stagnate their ability to master simply thing that we took, those of us that does not have Autism, for granted-imaginations and ability to make connection, connecting the dots. They, both Christopher and Henry lack fluency of communications skills compared to their peers. Henry, unlike Christopher, can explain what he feels for each person. Both boys like to play with animals and spend enormous time with, either playing or imagining, that they are playing with animals. The movie was interesting and informative.
I think child with Autism, if discovered or noticed at early age, and given required medical attention such as therapy, the child can lead normal adult life and that is great news. Keeping parents informed about this disorder is one simply ways to curb the pain it could have caused to child in adult life.


When I first read the book "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" I thought that Christopher was the only kid in the world who could ever act the way he acts based on the illness he has. After Watching "The Musical", I realized that Christopher was not the only kid who acts the way he acts. In fact, every one kid out of 250 are like Christopher (The Musical). There is this one girl named Lexi who I thought was like Christopher. There was this one moment in Lexi's life, when younger, that she closed her eyes, held her ears shut and basically just ignored everybody. This made me think of Christopher's black days Christopher ignores people and does not talk to any one that whole day. This situation resembles Lexi's time when she ignored everybody. Probably she was having her own type of black day. She seemed like a shy person who does not like to interact a lot. Her mother usually did not touch her either. This is how Christopher and his parents are. Christopher and his dad would usually put their hands by each other to replace hugging.
Another person who I thought was more like Christopher was Wyatt. Wyatt seemed like a normal kid for most of the time. He seems to know that he is in a class where everybody needs special help. He realizes that he is smarter than everybody. Christopher feels the same way about his class too. Henry is very smart kid who knows a lot about dinosaurs. I feel like Christopher resembles this kid in way, because Christopher knows many things about numbers and space.


The film helps me better to understand the character Christopher in The Curious Incident of Dog in the Night- Time, because the film shows as how Autism kids act. There are many ways that the film and the book are related with Henry and Christopher. The major things that Christopher and Henry are related to are the fallowing, they both live their own world, and they like and care animals, they also have only one friend. These kids are genes because they are good with at math. The autisms kids in the film did not associated with the other kids in school witch similar to Christopher. The reason why they don’t associated with the other kids because of their reaction. When Christopher has too much information he gets upset and he scram loud. Also Henry when he heard loud music or when he seems too many people around him he get upset same as like Christopher he cover his ears, and he start scram. They both are smart kids so that how they related, because they focused same things. The Autism kids in the film they don’t have eye contact with other people who are normal. Their beavers are too much than others because they are autistic kids. The film of autism shows me exactly something that Christopher does in the book.

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In the movie of autism I learned that the characters in the movie and Christopher have some similarities. The movie said the people who have autism see things differently and they act differently some of them don’t have emotions they don’t socialize. That remand me Christopher how he don’t like the colors yellow or brown and how he don’t have emotions. Christopher he don’t like the police because he don’t like to be touched, so if the police touched him he will hit them which means he don’t care about the police but he don’t like to be touched. Also Henry and Christopher have some similar things like they both are astronaut and smart they focus on one thing and they have passion on one thing also they don’t like to be too loud, because the people who have autism things everyone is on his own world like Wyatt in the movie said “Everyone is on his own world” and he said they are bully also Christopher said “Everyone in his school is stupid” (Haddon 71.) because they both see people differently. After I watched the movie, I understand why Christopher doesn’t like to spend most of his time with people because Christopher like to spends his time with computers and rats. The movie also describes the types of autism there are. Each one of the kids had a different type of autism. It made them act differently. All of the kids dealt with pressure all most the same. They went to the corner and try to shut their mind out so they wont be able to hear what is going on around them. Christopher goes under something or he put a radio in his ears and blocks out. They can’t take so much information coming at them at the same time.

The film, Autism: The Musical, helped me to better understand Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in many ways. The Film talked about Autism as a neurological disorder that sometimes made sounds and colors seem more intense for the people who have it. It said that some of these people are non-verbal while others are highly verbal and it can cause children to "be in their own world." The film's description of the disorder helped me to understand why, in the book, Christopher did a lot of the things he did such as groaning when it is too loud for him. Henry, from the film, reminded me most of Christopher. The film stated that Henry has Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism, that is possibly the same form of Autism Christopher has. Henry did not like loud noises and doesn't really like to socialize. Henry also is very smart in specific things such as reptiles and dinosaurs. Christopher also doesn't like loud noises and does not do much socializing. Christopher says that he does not like chatting, which he describes as "Where people say things to each other which aren't questions and answers and aren't connected" (Haddon 40.) Also, Christopher is very smart when it comes to maths and sciences, just like Henry is with dinosaurs. The other children in the movie also did things similar to the things that Christopher does. Adam, an eight year old from the film, screamed when his mom tried to grab him, and then he ran to hide. Christopher also does not like being touched, as demonstrated when the police officer tried to grab him to pick him up. Overall, the film didn't necessarily help me to understand exactly why people with Autism do the things they do, but seeing real children with Autism helped me better understand some of the things Christopher does.