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answers of the first week questions

1 my home is Columbus, ohio
2. the last book i read was no impact man
3. my favorite book i read is no impact man
4. I like writing but i'm not good at it but during this year i will try to do my best how i can become good writer.
5. i work full time five day a week and i go full time school.

friendly people

The article “friendly people” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. The point of the article is to show readers how American people are so friendly
Bill Bryson he talks about how he came from England and how people in New Hampshire welcoming him and his family. They was excited about bill Bryson and his family came in New Hampshire. They brought presents and his first night they took him to dinner. His neighbor was nice to his family because when him and his family went to England they took care of his house and this happened all the time. And also he talks about how American people are trustful
The whole point of this chapter is American are friendly then thought

The article “Rules Number 1: Follow All Rules” by Bill Bryson appears in the book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. This article depicts the of the amount of rules there are in America and how it’s a must to follow.

In this chapter Bryon really shows why he thinks or believes that too much rules are noneccery. In the being of chapter Bryon speaks about toothpaste, he elaborates on the amount of toothpaste that is left in the tube. The toothpaste symbolizes how there’s always exceptional to the rules. Bryon also believes American rules go too far, as he give example about the airport rules. The author also illustrates how all those rules will not make any different in life what so every. The author narrates about how the Americans love rules, and how the British love queuing. In this case the author shows the different between American and the British.

Life In A Cold Climate.

The article " life in a Cold climate" by Bill Bryson appears in the book (am a stranger here my self). This article talks about how Mr. Bill Bryson pushes his body to the exteremes to see if his body can withstand such a punishment. As he puts it, he does it for scientific research and not out of stupidity. One of the places he mentions is New Hampshire as its one of the coldest places on the face of the earth but not the coldest. One morning he goes out to get his morning paper from outside not wearing the proper attire with below zero temperature and it took him thirty nine seconds for him to run back in the house. He was unable to stand in that weather one second longer. The coldest weather measured for New Hampshire was the year 1925 and it was -46 degrees yet 20 other states had lower lows than that. Of those other states (Creek, Alaska) had the lowest of temperatures. In 1971 (Creek, Alaska) had a recorded temperature of -79.8 degrees below zero. The most wretched inhabited place goes to (Landon, North Dakota), which in the winter of 1935-1936 had 176 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures including 41 consecutive days with temperatures below zero. In such temperatures there are many fun things people do to pass time. Like skiing and ice skating and sledding on a local golf course. Others flood their back yards and turn them into skating ponds for the kids. Best of all you can count on winter, as it is one of the endless cycles of reliable, well defined seasons.

Summary of the article " Room Service"

The article “Room Service” appears in Bill Bryson book I'm Stranger Here My Self". This article is mostly about Bryson’s huge admiration for old motels than the modern motels.

Bryson loves everything about motels. Bryson’s golden age appears to be the same time for motels too, in the 1950s. I’m guessing that could be a reason why he so crazy about motels. Even in this period of time, Bryson still get excited by opening motel room. There we two essential types of motels as Bryson mentioned. The good one and the other one which Bryson and his father always stayed at. One night, while Bryson and his family were traveling from Washington, DC to New England he suggested that they should stop and rest at old fashioned motel. Everyone disagreed with the idea, but his wife insisted on having look. The place was totally out of shape, so they rested at nice Comfort Inn.

Summary of "Fun in the Snow"

The article “Fun in the Snow” is from Bill Bryson’s book I’m a Stranger Here Myself. It highlights the author's attempt to enjoy all the excitement that a winter in New England has to offer and how each experience only furthers to enhance his opinion that he is not one for "traditional" winter sports.

As a child growing up in Iowa, Mr. Bryson received a pair of skis as a gift for Christmas when he was about 8 years old. After an attempt to ski down his the porch sent him skiing headlong into the back of the family’s garage, he decided maybe winter sports weren’t something he would desired to do again. Now, 35 years later and living in New England, he found himself feeling left out of as everyone around him is out and about enjoying all that a winter in New England has to offer. Deciding he didn’t want to be the only one not trying to have fun in the snow he decides to accompany his two youngest children when they go ice skating at the local skating pond. Unfortunately his legs appear to have forgotten how to navigate the ice and he spends the bulk of his time falling down before eventually limping off the ice. Next he attempts sledding, which apparently did not go much better because the author refused talk about the experience. Finally he reluctantly agrees to try snowmobiling with his friend, a professor of economics at Dartmouth College, who has been after him for quite a few weeks to give it a try. After a quick briefing of how to operate the machine, the author sets off on a terrifying trip through the dense woods of New Hampshire feeling more like he’s just holding on to the snowmobile for dear life than actually controlling it. At the end of the adventure, they retire to a local pub and it is there that Mr. Bryson finally finds a “winter sport” that he can embrace as his own, winter drinking.

Chapter “Room Service” by Bill Bryson appears in the book Im a Stranger Here Myself. The thesis of this chapter is to inform people about old and modern hotels. He also shows readers that he loves the old hotels.

Bryson always wanted to visit the Motel in San Luis Obsipo, California. This motel was a famous stopping place on the highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It was the first motel to be named motel even though it was not the first motel ever. Bryson always gets excited he goes to a motel. The 1950’s were the golden age of motels. During this time period Bryson was one of those people who traveled by car across America. There were two types of motels during that time. The first one was very well fashion and the second was not. But the second one was the one that they stayed in the most. This all changed during the modern age. Holiday Inn went from 70 outlets in 1958 to 1,500 in less than twenty years. Recently when Bryson was driving back from Washington D.C, he insisted that they should sleep at an old fashioned motel. He looked for a motel that was like the ones from the good old days. After a long hunt they founded Sleepy Hollow Motel. Across this was Comfort Inn. After they looked at the features of Sleepy Hollow Motel they figured out that they just want to go to Comfort Inn.

Although most people believe that adapting to college is easy, I find it not.

Summary Of why Every One Is Worried

The article Why EveryOne Is Worried "by Bill Bryson,from the book I'm a stranger here myself.
The most Point about this chapter is , FBI has spent years filming embassy in washington with bulging files and coming out up to.the other thin its when he say FBI has been absolutely snowed under with screwing up everything it comes in contact with first,there was its wrongful arrest of Richard jewell .I could go and on ,but im break off here because i want to see if i can get into the pentagon's computer. it was the second time that the milwaukee sheriff's department has manage to mislay explosives at the airport. ,and he say the Department will let him go .space does not permit comprehensive survey they want everyone to follow rules and dont brok the rules .

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Chapter: 55
Summary: “The fat of the land”
The article “The fat of the land” by Bill Bryson appears in the book “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”. The point of the article is to show readers why Bill Bryson hates being a diet. The reason why he hates being a diet is Bryson was think food all the time. Bryson want to eat everything that he sees, and his wife doesn’t want him to eat whatever he see .Also Bryson hate eating diet food, because every time his wife gives him diet food. Every time he goes to restaurant she orders him diet food. Many people in America are overweight, so he doesn’t care about getting overweight. Also many people who live in America are dying for diseases every day, because of high cholesterol and many other diseases. When t his wife and his children are going to eat from outside, his wife order the food for him instate he orders himself because his wife wants him to eat diet food. He goes to the library to find a book those talks about diet; he founds many books and reads in order him to understand why his wife wants him to be a diet, which is for his health condition. After he read the books he understands what diet is is all about eating the right food. He thinks dieting is hard and more frustration and it is not easy to rid off fats on your body. Finally he realize diet is good for human body in order to rid off body fats, more healthier.

Amal Gedi- summary of "FRIENDLY PEOPLE"

The chapter "Friendly People" by Bill Bryson. from the book" I'm a Stranger Here Myself " that show how much the American people is nice and more friendly .

This chapter is talking about modern American life and how much people in America diffrent the people in England,and the start when Mrs.Bryson come and get her a cup of coffee. The first few line of the computer screen and say the word "Bitch" three times. Also how there's are many wonderful things about Unites states. for example the Bill of Rights means how is more freedom in America and have outstanding than the friendliness of the how to help people.also the show how much the American the have rule for everything and no body can cross that line for example (if you sidled up to anyone in New Hampshire and said " went out of your mind and say, " No, I already have a car stereo ."And finally would report you to police and here is the second thing the police come and shoot you), they all mean of the example is America have rule and every body they have follow that.The people in America are supper nice and friendly

Kim Nance- Summary of "Junk- Food Heaven"

The article "Junk- Food Heaven" by Bill Bryson, appears in the book I'm a Stranger Here Myself. The point of the article is to show readers that after eating the rediculous amount of junk-food an average American eats, Bryson prefers his English snacks.

The chapter starts with Bryson cleaning out his refrigerator when he comes face to face with a breakfast pizza. He goes on to talk about his vivid memory of a trip the the grocery store. With an English wife who didn't understand all of the unhealthy things an American diet has to offer, the family typically eats healthy things such as broccoli and Swedish crispbread. Because of this, Bryson decides to go to the supermarket with her to get the experience of an average American snack. While his wife was picking out more of these healthy food options, Bryson ventures into the junk-food aisle. There he finds so many items that were previously unheard of to him. Cereal, snack cakes, candies, and marshmellow fluff all quickly caught his attention. When he brought all of these items back to the cart, his wife stares at him and simply asks "what's that?" Bryson quickly explains and made sure to tell her not to put any of it back while he went to find more unhealthy treats. When he brings back the breakfast pizza all his wife says is "no." Bryson convinces her to let him have it all but she makes sure that he is aware that he will have to eat everything that he brought home. The chapter ends back at Bryson's home where he is still at his fridge, staring at the breakfast pizza that had been sitting in there for weeks. When he finally decides it's time to throw it away, he went off to the pantry in hopes to find those healthy foods he was more accustomed to eating.