Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper 1 - David Girgis

My paper is about how many people think that being in the military justifies killing people. I, however, do not believe so. I believe that we don't have to use violence to resolve conflicts. I believe that we can do this like negotiations to not have to put people in danger. I also believe that when the military justifies killing people, the people in the military dehumanize the people they kill. This is wrong and leads to my last opinion against this issue. I think that we are all equal and we are all human beings. We are a part of one of the smartest species around and to take away a life with a gunshot is wrong.

Yo, high school failed to teach me how to manage my time. I say this because, this is how i feel right now. when I started to go to college, I did not know what to do and when to do it. but when I used to go to high school I had so much free time that this issue was not a problem. man high school coused this. If only they gave me some kinds of excercise to teach me that college would not be fun in games and time would be a critical issue, then man I would of know that I had to get it together.

What are the Advantages of being a stay at Home Father? AN how does Society look at it? And do we really give them the credit they deserve?

American Lifestyle And World Hunger.

If you knew your actions had an affect on others would you still behave the same?
World over there are those who cant afford to buy food. Day in and day out they go bed with an empty stomach.
The children are so skinny that you can count their ribs. Their heads seem to be much bigger than the rest of thier body. Now that i have painted a particial image of what hunger is doing to people all over the world let me show you how you are contributing to their problems. Recently here in the U.S oil companies started to produce fuel consisting of half corn half oil and called it ethanol. Now the cars we drive consume ethanol as fuel. Knowing what ethanol is made of and knowing there are people who are dying of hunger would you be willing to change your life style to help those in need?

Why Do a lot Of People Think College Is So Hard?

One possiility is that your high school prepared you better for college than the high schools your classmates attended.Even a good student at a average high school may struggle with the more careful stress of a college set of courses because they're not prepared for the course load or they never learned how to write proper essay.Also,many bright students are able to coast through high school. There's so much repetition that they can only half pay attention,is covered once and then the professorr moves on.If your notes aren't good and you haven't read the course materrial,you aren't going to remember what you need to know for exams.So the edge in college really goes to students who've learned how to discipline themselves to take good notes,read the coursework and study for exams.

Why do people Smoke?

Who wants to die? no body, but Smokers. why i do i say this? because smoking is a sign of death. smoking causes variety of diseases and kills you. the funny thing is smokers are aware of their concequences, but why do they smoke?
The fact is people smoke because they think is fascinating. mostly teenagers smoke to be mature or to act mature. grown people smoke to reduce their pressure or stress. overall people smoke to be sociable. this is a life taking risk, we shouldn't be playing around with, its not sociable. it doesn't reduce your pressure its puts under pressure. teenagers should know that being mature is making the right choice. smokers should rethink about their concequences.

Teen Drivers

Why teenager's are putting risky their life?How do they stay a way from car accidents?Espeally age 16-17 they are too young to drive.And teens are driving drung even thougt they are not allowed to drink by the law.Most of teens don't wear seat belts while they are driving.

When you see a Muslim woman wearing the Hijab, what comes to your mind automatically? Isn’t the first thing that usually comes to the minds of people is that this woman is being oppressed. You might wonder or think why Muslim-Woman chooses to cover their head? These questions have been asked by many different people. Many Muslim woman believers that they do not need to display their beauty to the world. But question is why are Muslim-Woman are look down in Western culture?