Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Credibility Shirefarah. Ayub Suleiman. Mahamud, Abdul.

This is a credibility advertisement which shows Cristiano Ronaldo Racing a Vyron Bugatti while wearing his new nike soccer shoes. The Vyron Bugatti is the fastest car in the world. They are advertising the soccer shoes that he is wearing. It is a credibility because they are using Cristiano Ronaldo as a famous player. They are are trying to say that if you wear these shoes then you can be as fast as a vyron bugatti.


This advertisement shows creditability because Kobe Bryant is one of the most dominate basketball players in the National Basketball Association. This allows the consumers to want this product because they know that Kobe is a credible individual and it’s clear that he wants to wear the product. Therefore knowing that Kobe is endorsing these shoes, the consumers will become just like Kobe.

Faiza gedi,Hiis Mohamoud,Fartun Mohamud


This image depicts more about pathos. It shows to views how success she looks wearing her hijab. Even thought she has her hijab she does not look less successful, less happy, less beautiful than others. Wearing her hijab gives her a power to do what she wants to do in life. Her belief will not make her less, but make her more success.

Sarah Whaley & Kim Nance

This advertisement for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is encouraging pet owners in New York City (NYC) to spay or neuter their large dogs by appealing to the emotions and logic of urban pet owners. It uses an image depicting a popular large dog breed styled in a similar manner to graffiti, both of which are common in the urban population. This captures the attention of the desired audience by appealing to their emotional ties to both their pets and their appreciation for urban art. The ad also gives several benefits to spaying or neutering which include a "longer, healthier life" and "less straying" which many pet owners can identify with. This appeals to the pet owner's logical side. We believe this ad achieves its desired effect using these 2 techniques of persuasion.

Hodan, Abdi,Ayan

This advertisement is using a famous artist who is wearing a suit from Macy’s and there is a lady with him, so they making the people want to buy the clothes from Macy’s. If you want look like him you have shop at Macy’s. He is showing the emotions that if you wear this suit you will feel cool and gentle. He is famous person and always people look up to the famous. He is persuading the boys to buy his suit.

Fartun Hassan, Amal Gedi, Suban Warsame

This image is an emotional appeal because they used a little girl, and someone’s hand holding a cigarette, which proves second hand smoking, is bad. It is trying to persuade people to quit smoking because it affects the people around them. For example in this picture, the parents who smoke are affecting their children because second hand smoking is the same as first hand smoking. When the parents who smoke see this picture, they are going to feel guilty because they were unaware of what they were doing to their children.

Monday, November 29, 2010

What Is Home To Finbar.

After watching the film titled "The Station Agent" i was mesmerized by the character Finbar who happens to be extremely short by the way. Finbar is a lonly individual who does not socialize with other people. It just so happens that he has only friend and that friend of his owns a small bussines. It appears that they have special connection with each other. So special that after the store owner died he left his home to Finbar. In other words Finbar inherits the home by the railroad simply because his friend put him in his will which he didnt know by the way. Upon learning this Finbar goes and checks the place he inherited from his friend. The railroad station home has no running water nor electricity. It looks out dated and no one should be living in it. It could be said that Finbar has emotional connection to the house he inherited even though it was in such a bad shape. The reason being he got it from the only friend he had whom he did not share blood with. The store owner could have put a family member in his will thus ensuring they inherit what he left behind but rather chose Finbar.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film, The Station Agent, there are three main characters. Fin McBride, Olivia Harris, and Joe Oramas. Fin was first introduced who is a midget and having hard time people making fun of him. Fin inherited a house from a friend in New Jersey and decided to live alone from people making of him. Secondly, Joe was introduced. Joe is also lonely but talkative and socializing guy unlike Fin who’s quite and not socializing person. Joe volunteers coffee shop that his father owns near the depot that Fin lives in. Lastly, Olivia was introduced whose old age woman and lonely as Fin is. These characters have all loneliness in common but Joe and Olivia likes to socialize unlike the one who inherited the house, Fin. The house he inherited seems to be everything to Fin, where he can hide from the fun making human beings. As Anna Quindlen said, “Home is where the heart is. There is no place like home. I like my home with a ferocity totally out of proportion to its appearance or location” In her essay “Homeless”. This goes for Fin as well, because he lives in a depot that looks very old and near train station. Fin really enjoys being home alone and it’s where he is mostly happy being at. Joe and Olivia tried to help Fin socialize and have fun with them. By the help of his dear and newly friends, Fin finally became sociable. He even went to an Elementary School and gave some speech about trains which was something that he enjoys and he didn’t even felt bad about the judgments of his height by the little kids. The film ended and eventually Fin was sociable, happy, and even had girlfriend in his life.

In the film that we watch "The station Agent", there were three charecters, the main charecter was finbar's. fin had a good friend named hennery, but his friend hennery die. when his friend Hennery dies, he became a very quit person and he always like to be alone and walk lonely after he lost his friend hennerry. Fin and other two characters they all have same issue, their biggest issue was home, they was all looking for a house. Fin find a house when his friend left him a small house next to the train station in Newfoundland New Jersey. fin meet a new friend when he moved in Newfoundland NJ. His new friend's name was joe and he lived near finbar's house , his friend JOe provide food olivia and Fin then he invite them to eat to gether. fin and olivia has something in common, they both losses thier closes people olivia son past away 2 years ago then Fin's best friend past away. at the end of the move we realized Olivia run away from her hasbund and lived where her famaly used to lived in newfoundland NJ. Finbar finnaly got crash on Olivia but she reject it when she got mad because she was drug adiction.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

In movie of the Station Agent there were characters who meet different problems in the movie. Fin faced problem that people are treating him badly because he was dwarf. Fin things that people are making fun of him. Fin wants to be left alone. Olive Harris faced problem because of the death of her son and she encounter emotional towards kids and she had a constant remembers of her son when she see a kids playing. In the movie when Joe Oramas started playing soccer with the kids Olive run away from the scene. In the movie they also having a problem in home because it brought them a lot of bad memories to them especially fin and olive because it make them remember the bad memory. Fin wants to be left alone at his home and he doest want to deal with anyone. I also learn that characters in the movie had different emotional problems and how having a place to call home is important. Because in the movie home was where they escape the outside things. Home is where they get isolated from outside world and the feel peace and quite. Fin disconnects his telephone and he didn’t have electricity, but he had a home. In Quindlen’s essay she said “Home is every thing” which is telling us the importance of having a place to call home in human life, and you need to get your home first than emotional needs. In the movie they also talk about how each one of them changed his life. At the end Fin became very friendly person to Olivia and Joe and he feel that he needs friends who always close to him. He also meet different people who treating him better and not making fun him, Fin get strong and he attend school to make speech for little kids he wasn’t even care if they make fun of him or not. This really taught that people can change their life. the more you socialize the people is the more you will learn the people because they are good or bad people, but you never know who is good or bad till you meet them.

The Station Agent

In the film, The Station Agent, Fin McBride, the main character, moved to the train depot after inheriting it from his co-worker and only friend. Before Fin moved, and even when he first arrived in New Jersey, he didn’t like to be bothered and chose to spend his time alone. Due to inheriting the depot, Fin also inherited a “neighbor,” Joe Oramas, the hot dog vendor. Unlike Fin, Joe likes to socialize with the people from the small town in the middle of nowhere. When he first arrived in new Jersey, Fin kept conversations with Joe short and also tried to avoid conversing with the artistic Olivia, who just so happened to run Fin off the road twice. It is obvious that Fin is lonely, but for some reason does not want to open up to the people who are new in his life. Before he moved to New Jersey, it is hard to say what home to Fin was, but after getting to know the people who used to annoy him with curiosity and friendliness, it is obvious that Fin’s home is now in New Jersey. When we are first introduced to Fin, he is quiet and keeps to his own business. We know that he is often judged by his height, being that he is a dwarf at the height of four feet and five inches, just simply from watching how others attempt to interact with him. After refusing to give up, Joe and Olivia prove to Fin that not everyone is interested in judging him. When Fin begins to accept them into his life is when we start to see that he feels a sense of belonging to his new home. To Fin, I believe that it wasn’t so much the depot that felt like home, but the people who surrounded it.

The Station Agent

In the film "Station Agent” Olivia Harris is one of character in movie. She is a forty-year old artist trying to find better life and the ramifications it has had on her marriage to David, from whom she is separated with him. She leaving her home in Princeton, NJ.After her son, Sam passed away two years ago she becomes very depressed. She leaving her own life behind because she believes life and home emotional is nothing without her son Sam. she moves to Newfoundland Olivia. When she comes to the Newfoundland she meets Fin and Joe. Joe is man has truck he has no life.finbar is a very quiet person, dwarf man, he lost his best friend Henry that is reason become lonely and he feels sad because of his size .so he move to Newfoundland so when Olivia come to the town the first time she meet fin in bad situation .she had run over fin two times, but she go over his home to apologize to him. After she tell him everything about her life and how she become lonely women .one day Olivia invited Fin and Joe at her home and they are spend good time together become more close is like one family .Finally Olivia and Finbar and Joe soon become a mixed group of friends, consideration at first it would seem more like they spend time each other because there’s nothing better to do. And both find what are they miss in our life. At the end Olivia fined her problem and the only thing she need to have baby and happy family. This movie touched me in a thoughtful. It s, very funny, inspirational and illustrates that small things can make a big different and kindness to another person can go long way.

In the movie The Station Agent, Take place at Newfoundland, NJ. There are three main characters. Each character seems to be have their own problems, and also figuring out who they really are. Olivia is one of the main characters in the movie. We first meet Olivia, who also most run over Finbar McBride with her car. Finbar McBride is one of the main characters in the movie. Olivia Harris is the Character who had stood out the most out all the characters in the movie.

Olivia was mother and wife. She was married and had a son name Sam. After Olivia’s son, passed, than she decides to move away from her hometown to their vacation house to get away from the world. In the middle of the movie she tells us that she left her husband because was not longer happy with their marriage after their son die. For Olivia Harris we can see that home is emotional state, rather than physical place for her. In movie we see that Olivia lives alone in a vacation house which seems bigger than any other character home, and yet she feels that she has no one in her life. In the middle of the movie we see that Olivia emotion come out whenever see think about her son or see kids that are playing. While Olivia was sitting with Fin and Joe on the front porch of Fin, Olivia saw a young boy who was playing soccer with a two kids. It was boy and a girl, the boy had remembered Olivia her son. Right then she becomes very emotional because thought of son, Sam. Olivia runs to her SUV to go home so she would not feel that pain anymore. All three main characters appear to be running away from their past from their old hometown. They all found more than new home they had found each other. For that they are home emotional and physical state.


The movie, " The Station Agent", is about the life of a little dwarf who moves from one side of a town to another. Henry, fins friend, died which caused him to move. Fin inherited Henry's house in the country side by the train. This movie takes us through his journey from the city to the country side. This man Fin, who is the main character, is not as normal as everybody else in society. He is picked upon because of his height. Fin is very short. During one scene of the movie, couple young teenagers said to him, " where is snow white and the other dwarfs?" while laughing. They were trying to tease him. But some times his height makes him a unnoticeable man. During one scene, a young black girl asked him, " where is you mommy". She thought that he was as young as her. Fin was the type of person who wanted to always be zoned out of society. This is because of how people treated him in the society. He was not treated like rest of society caused him to zone out. Fin would not respond to people as they should be; he just seemed to be not caring about anything they say. This all changed when he moved to the country side. He met couple people who changed the way he acted. He met Olivia and Joe. They were very kind to him. They never seemed to talk to him like he was a average man with normal height. Joe would always want to do what Fin did. They would go on a long walk, or read all day. These activities that they would do would bring they close to each other. Olivia joined them sometimes too. After a while Fin accepted these two in his life. Fin from the beginning changed in a way through the way he accepted people in his life. This effort took a long time to accomplish; through time and effort fin became a outgoing person who realize that all people are not the same.

The Station Agent

In the film “The Station Agent”, there are three main characters in the movie, these charters have in common they all trying to get a place that they can call home, and they don’t care if they have high quality life like the other people. They live in Newfoundland, New Jersey. One of the charters names, is Finbar and live in across the train station in Newfoundland. I chose to talk about Finbar because he is the interesting man in the movie. Finbar lose his best friend Henry in the beginning of the movie. After his best friend die, Finbar inherits his friend home and then decided to be quite person who wants to be alone and became train chaser. In the movie, Finbar is a quit and wise operate who always want everything to be on time and not like to be bather by the other people. In addition, Finbar thought home is physical place but he find out is an emotional state. This means he wants to get a place that he can sleep and he can get rest, without having any other thing such as electricity and top water. Which is he does not cares about any close friends. However, after while Finbar gets close to two other charters, they became friends name Joe and Olivia. Before he make friends with Joe and Olivia people used treat him so badly laugh the way he is and make fun of him. For example when Olivia and Joe treat him like really person he start to have new friendship. Therefore, after that Olivia and Finbar become closer than Joe, Olivia, and Finbar have feeling each other, and have a fun together most of the time. Olivia is related more Finbar situation, she had lost her son about two years ago and she goes back her old home that she used live with her family. Finally, when Finbar he gets new friends in that town, he feels happy and emotion with his new life that he make with the new friend Olivia and Joe that is what home is all about to him.

The Station Agent

The movie "The Station Agent" is directed by Thomas McCarthy and Finbar McBride is main Character. Finbar McBride is a simple man his very quiet person lonely he doesn’t like to talk a lot. ; he enjoys watching and reading about trains. He does not have many friends; He is not married as well. Henry is his only friend and he works with him in small model train shop, but that change when Henry passed away. Henry left Finbar a small a house in the country side located in New Jersey near the train station in his will. Finbar decided to move to that rural place because where he uses to work was getting closed after the death of his friend and the owner.
Finbar was happy that he is moving to country side in New Jersey. He likes isolation. But when he gets there, a lot of things changed. Finbar become interesting in Cuban American named Joe, who lived near him. Finbar become friends with Cleo and Emily. Joe and Fin become close friends. They walk around through railroad in miles to film. Through Joe, Fin met Cleo and Emily and they become closer to him as well. The interaction with people, Fin began to understand requires appreciation, understanding and helping-those people or friends. Olive, Joe, and Finbar soon become a contrasting group of friends, though at first it would seem more like they spend time with each other because there’s nothing better to do. The more they spend time each other, the more small plain town seems to living up a bit.
At the end, Finbar talked, actually lectured, to students about trains and railroads. He helped Olivia during stress and depression she suffered. He has to help and mentor Emily and protect her from her friend, boyfriend. The movie touched me in a profound way .it’s sad, hilarious, inspiring, and uplifting all rolled into one small package .the story is one of overcoming our fears, being ourselves no matter what, and most of all; the importance of love and friendship . The movie is funny and full of really life realities. I enjoyed watching it.

The Station Agent

In the film, The Station Agent, the main character Fin is a dwarf. When his only friend Henry Styles dies, he inherits an old abandoned train depot. The train depot seemed like a good place to live for fin because he wanted to be left alone. Fin was also satisfied with the train depot because he had a place to live. For fin physical needs was more important to him than emotional needs. Everything changes when he meets Joe oramas a talkative hotdog vendor and Olivia Harris a lady who is dealing with her own personal issues. Joe tries to become friends with Fin, but Fin didn't want to make new friends. Joe did not give up, he kept trying to talk to fin. Fin then meets Olivia Harris, who almost ran over Fin with her SUV twice. To apologize she comes over to Fins house and bought him some wine. Joe invites both Fin and Olivia for lunch. Joe tries to become friends with both Olivia and Fin. Fin becomes more social and felt happier. Joe invited Fin to join him and his dad to get some wine at the bar. While fin was waiting for Joe, he saw Emily the librarian at the bar. Emily was waiting for her boyfriend who called her and told her that he could not come to the bar to meet her. Emily gets mad and tells Fin that she is pregnant and that she did not tell anyone yet. Fin didn't say anything to her. Fin walked Emily to her car, then Emily's boyfriend came and pushed Fin. Fin went home really upset. The next day Joe apologizes to Fin, but Fin did not accept his apology. Olivia had her own problems. She lost her son two years ago and she left her husband. When she is stressed out, she overdoses on medication. When Fin lost both his friends, he notices that friendship is really important, so he tries to get his friends back. Fin helps Olivia to stop taking drugs. Olivia gets in the hospital for over dosage. Fin called Joe and told him to give him a ride to the hospital. Fin got both of his friends back. Joe and Olivia were good friends because they never judged Fin because of his height. They treated him very well. Fin learns that home is an emotional state.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film “The Station Agent,” Fin McBride is one of the main characters. Fin used working in a store that closes. The owner of the store dies so the store has to be sold. He leaves his some property in his well it is an old abandoned train in Newfoundland. So he moves to Newfoundland fin. He thought everyone was look at him because was dwarf, so he thought they would make funny of height. Fin judge everyone without get to know them. He acts like he doesn’t care about anything. He was very quiet and he doesn’t like to talk a lot. He loses his friend so he doesn’t want to make new friends. Olivia had run over fin two time , so she describe to come to his house. Fin finally let’s someone in to his house when Olivia had apologize and bring him wine. She had a fell asleep in his house and Joe thought that Fin and Oliver had slept together. He starts to interact with Joe and Joe start walks with him. Everyone starts to like Fin because of Joe and Olive. Fin went to bar after Olive had laud him and he drink too much. Fingers beat up for firing to help Emily. Fin starts to changer when people start to be meaning to him he starts drinking too much and falls down on the train tracks as a trains coming. Fin does get ran over by train. Olive over does on medicine and she go to the hospital. Fin becomes an outspoken nice man after Olivia recovery. Fins learn it better to have friend then be alone. He learns that you people help to make your dream come true. Olivia buys him video camera so he can run after the train. He becomes good friend with Olivia and Joe. Fin life has change a lot.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film, The Station Agent, the three main characters in the movie all seem to be trying to find a new home in the sleepy, little town of Newfoundland, NJ, but they all have things about them that keep them from doing so. The central character, Fin, a dwarf who just wants to be left alone, comes to live in this quiet hamlet after inheriting the old, abandoned train depot from a recently departed friend whom he worked for in Hoboken, NJ. This new home seems ideal to him at first given its secluded location on the outskirts of town and the obvious connection to his fascination with trains, but soon he discovers that it’s not as quiet as it seems. The first to interrupt Fin’s little slice of loner heaven is Joe, a lonely – yet talkative – guy who is operating a food truck right next to the depot. Thanks to his outgoing nature, we learn pretty quickly that Joe is from Manhattan and is just “temporarily” helping out his dad who has become too ill to run the truck on his own. Next, we are introduced to the character of Olivia, who nearly runs Fin over with her SUV. Twice. In the beginning of the movie, we learn that Olivia’s son, Sam, passed away 2 years ago and later in the movie we learn that she is living in what used to be her family’s summer “get-away” in Newfoundland, NJ after leaving her husband and their home in Princeton, NJ. Both Fin and Olivia appear to be running away from painful pasts in their former hometowns, with Fin running from memories and resentment about how he was treated because of his dwarfism and Olivia running away from the painful memories of her son’s untimely death. Thanks in part to the unlikely hero of Joe, who works diligently to become friends with these 2 secluded individuals, we see how this unusual trio of people are able to form a strong bond of friendship that is able to help them all overcome their own personal hurdles that keep them from embracing tiny Newfoundland, NJ as home.

The Station Agent

In the film, “The Station Agent”, the main character is Fin McBride who loses his best friend Henry Styles in the beginning of the movie but inherits his house so that’s the only thing his left with. So after he inherits the property he seems satisfied but that doesn’t last long because at first it was a thought of a physical need which changes as the movie progresses. But the character that got my attention the most in this film was Olivia Harris because she lost her son and her husband. Olivia is a pretty nice person but is a mess due to her tragedies, at first her and Fin meet in an odd way because she almost runs him over while he was walking which happens again, but eventually become good friends. Fin is only treated well by his friends because others in this film see him as Dwarf which doesn’t really worry him at all because he has Olivia and Joe who are great friends who treat him with respect. Olivia is really an emotional person in this film because majority of the time she is just stressed out because she wishes she never lost her son. Next, Fin really cares for Olivia because she goes through a lot and wants’ to help but she is a drug addict. Olivia basically turns into her pills when her problems increase which leads her to get professional help because that’s the only solution to her problem.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film “The Station Agent,” Finbar’s first realization of home was thought of a physical need. However, he finds that a home is more of an emotional state. When Finbar received the home, we see that he is satisfied. He is satisfied that he has a place to sleep without having the other things such as electricity and running water. He is so satisfied that he doesn’t care about any other things such as close friends. When he is talked to, he answers in short quick responses without the intention of carrying on the conversation. He acts this way because of the way he’s been treated before. Fin is not treated as a person. However, when Joe and Olivia treat him as a person such as telling him personal things. He begins to create friendship. We can see that Fin is starting to want to carry conversations and also his mood becomes happier. Then during the climax of the movie, he loses his friendship. We begin to see that he is distraught; for example, when he looks out to see if Joe is there. When Joe was not there, there was a change in his mood. Another example is he uses drinking to relieve himself. After a night of drinking, when he wakes up the next day, he gets a realization that he needs to get those relationships back. He tries to get them back and he successfully does so when he finds Olivia needing help and calls Joe to take them to the hospital. When the three are back together again, they are emotionally happy again. This proves my point that his home is an emotional state. All those years, when he would be made fun of because he was a “dwarf.” He only knew that home was a physical state because that’s where he could feel safe. However, when people begin to treat him as a normal human being he realize that his home is about his emotional state.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Autism- abdurahman hussein

The film Autism: The Musical help clarify that Christopher has Autism in many ways. First Christopher is happy if he is alone and playing with his pet rat, just like the other individuals in the movie. Most individuals with Autism lack social skills and that is why you see them alone most of the time. Some of reasons why they lack social skills is due to the fact that some can be verbal and some can not. For example, Neal could not speak but Christopher is very lucky and he is able to speak. Another reason is Chirstopher is very smart in a specific area just like Henry. Henry is very smart in terms of dinosaurs and lizards. While Christopher is very smart in Math and Science. Also in the movie alot the kids had some behaviors that really reminded of Christophere and basically gave me a better vision of how he would really act.


When I read the book ” The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" the first time I really don’t understand why Christopher acting different then other children , but when I watching the movie Autism: The Musical , that time I understand people have Autism they always acting like that and Christopher one of this kids .I think Henry and Christopher they are related for the most of thing .Christopher he resembling in math and Prime numbers, Also Christopher has very poor social skills stemming from his inability to imagine what other people are thinking or felling Christopher has poor social skills at work when he has difficulty explaining himself. And Henry has momentary for dinosaur, they both have the same point ,Christopher he has difficulties understanding people and he don’t like people touch him .Christopher he live in his own world and he spend most of time with animal like Henry he like act like animal .Henry he focus in one subject the dinosaur and he like to explain what he feel to each person. When I watch the move I see a lot of kids has autism but everyone has a different thing. Kids with autism often can't make connections that other kids make easily. For example, when someone smiles, you know the smiling person is happy or being friendly. But a kid with autism may have trouble connecting that smile with the person's happy feelings like Christopher he don’t like to communication with people and he don’t like to speak with stranger people. The something autism kids they had problem to have communication interacting socially with others and they may have certain repetitive behaviors. I think that is big reason why Christopher mother left home because she need give her child to have own life , or own world .The last think I can say we have to remember the kids have Autism is smart kids just the need some one to listening also more understand.


The film Autism: The Musical helped me understand Christopher because it clarified that he was autistic. Christopher has many symptoms of Autism although it is not as severe as some of the kids in the film. The most similarities that Christopher has with someone in the film is with Henry. Henry has autism that is known as Asperger Syndrome. One of the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome is having a common interest that occupies the brain so much that it does not leave room for normal things such as social skills (Osbayrak). For Henry, his interests are lizards and dinosaurs and Henry is so focused on those things that he does not know common things. Similarly, Christopher’s interests are Math and Science and he is so focused on those things that he does have many social skills. Another common occurrence is what Autistic kids do to calm down or to ease their brain. An important fact that was stated in the movie was that there are so many things that are going in their brain, that they are not able to compute it. So they sometimes need a way to relieve them. Christopher’s way for relieving himself is to do math problems while for Adam. His way of relieving himself is to cover his ears as seen as when he is on the playground. Most Autistic kids have many common things however there are some differences. Another important fact that was stated was that there are two big pictures of Autism. One is that they have verbal skills and the other is they do not. For Christopher he has the ability to have verbal skills just like Wyatt. However Neal does not have the capability to be able to talk. As you can see there are many types of Autism out there, some are severe and some are not. I think that if we look in an Autistic world, Christopher is very lucky to have a case that is not as severe.

Osbayrak, MD, R. Kaan. "What Is Asperger's Disorder." ASPERGER'S DISORDER HOMEPAGE. Web. 15 Nov. 2010. .


The film Autism: The Musical helped me understand the character Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. When I first read the book I did not understand why Christopher acted the way he did. Before watching the film I thought that Christopher was the only kid that ever had the disease. I also never understood how smart he was in school and how he could never understand human emotions. The film introduced many different kids who also had Autism. Henry a character from the film is very smart and he likes dinosores. Henry knows everthing about Dinosores. Henry and Christopher are very smilar. They both are very smart and they both live in their own world. Neal another character from the film also has Austim. He doesnt understand human emotions. He hits other kids. He acts out when he is under stress. Neal has problem understanding what others what from him. Nean and christopher are very smilar because Chrisopher also acts out under stress. For example when he went to the mall with his mom, he broke things and wetted his pants. Parents that have kids that are Autistic also feel stressed out like Chrisophers parents. Christopher's mom was really stressed out when chrisopher wetted his pants at the mall. Wyatt another character from the film also has Austim. Lexi a character from the films mothers went under depression. She felt very stresssful because of her daughters symptoms. Wyatt a character from the film hates people who bullie him. He also hates people who live in their own world. He believes that he lives in his own and he tries not to but he cant help it.

Film Blog Post (Autism)

How did the film help you to better understand the character Christopher in the curious

incident of the dog in the night time?

By watching the film my mind was able to comprehend the meaning of autism. I was able

to compare the kids in the film to the character of Christopher. I found out that autistic people

hate noise. For example in the film there is this part where Adam and the rest of the kids are

playing volleyball and all of a sudden Adam separates himself from the rest of the kids and

covers both of his ears with his hands. Same goes for Henry whose dad is a musician who

performs live concerts. Henry travels with his dad most the time and he gets to watch him

perform live but what he doesn’t do is listen to the music. He has head phones that he uses to

cover his ears with to reduce the noise. Furthermore I’ve observed Wyatt having the same

problems with noise. At rehearsal for the musical play Wyatt is practicing and memorizing his

line for the song when one of the kids pops a balloon and Wyatt runs to the teacher/director of

the play covering both of his ears and complains about the balloon pop and the noise it made.

Now if we go back to the book the curious incident of the dog in the night time and take a

look at page (106) we learn that Christopher cannot stand noise as well. On that page there is an

incident where Christopher goes shopping with his mom for a charismas gift for his grandma.

Since it was charismas the mall was very crowded and packed with people trying to get done last

minute shopping. It got too noisy for Christopher and he started screaming out of his lungs while

covering both of his ears. His mom tried to get him up and move him but he kept shouting and

Screaming and in the process knocked down few items off the shelf. Coming back to the question

I think it’s safe to say autistic people are not fond of noise.


This movie about kids that have autisms really helped better to understand Christopher the character in the book of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nigh-Time”. In this film Autism is defined as kids whom their brain function differently, colors and sounds maybe different for them. Christopher is one the kids that have an autism because in the book Christopher said “4 yellow cars in a row made it Black day, which is a day when I don’t speak to anyone and sit on my own reading books and don’t eat my lunch and Take No Risks” (Haddon 24). This means that Christopher doesn’t like the color yellow and it’s very bad for his day if he sees 4 yellow cars in row. In this film Henry is the most similar to Christopher than the other kids. Henry has an Asperger's syndrome a type of autism which is most likely the one that Christopher has. Asperger's syndrome is the type of autism that a kid is very smart and focuses on one thing and gets really good at it. Henry is very smart and he is so crazy about reptiles and dinosaurs. Christopher is a math genius and he is also good with science. Christopher doesn’t like loud noises and that makes him do groaning. Henry doesn’t like loud noises either but instead of groaning like Christopher he covers up his ears. This is a very helpful film because it explained “Autism” and how the reaction of the ones who are diagnosed with it. This movie helped me realized things that the book didn’t explained very much.

Autism: The Musical

The film, Autism: The Musical helped me understand the character of Christopher, from the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, by showing the effect that autism can have on everyone who is connected to the autistic child. I believe the film was able to show in greater detail the difficulties that the families must face, especially the hardships faced by the parents, than what Christopher is able to explain in the book. The parents in the movie and Christopher’s parents in the book are compelling examples of how the all-encompassing attention that needs to be given to an autistic child can lead to one parent feeling like they can’t do anything right and the other parent feeling like they have to do everything. It stands to reason that under that kind of burden, if the problems within the relationship aren’t addressed and are just allowed to continue to fester, eventually the relationship between the couple will break.

The struggles that Lexi’s parents endured seemed to mirror some of Christopher’s parents’ problems. Both of Lexi’s mother and Christopher’s mother suffered bouts of severe depression that left them unable to care for their children and in both cases, the fathers stepped in to take over parenting duties. The obvious difference in these cases, though, was that when the parents separated, Lexi’s mother, Hillary, remained with Lexi, where Christopher’s mother was the one who left the home and her child. It was interesting to note that in neither case were the parents able to, or possibly willing to, go to as great of lengths to save their marriage as they were willing to get help and services for their children. It appeared to truly be a case of putting the child’s needs ahead of everything else.