Monday, November 29, 2010

What Is Home To Finbar.

After watching the film titled "The Station Agent" i was mesmerized by the character Finbar who happens to be extremely short by the way. Finbar is a lonly individual who does not socialize with other people. It just so happens that he has only friend and that friend of his owns a small bussines. It appears that they have special connection with each other. So special that after the store owner died he left his home to Finbar. In other words Finbar inherits the home by the railroad simply because his friend put him in his will which he didnt know by the way. Upon learning this Finbar goes and checks the place he inherited from his friend. The railroad station home has no running water nor electricity. It looks out dated and no one should be living in it. It could be said that Finbar has emotional connection to the house he inherited even though it was in such a bad shape. The reason being he got it from the only friend he had whom he did not share blood with. The store owner could have put a family member in his will thus ensuring they inherit what he left behind but rather chose Finbar.

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