Sunday, November 28, 2010

In the film that we watch "The station Agent", there were three charecters, the main charecter was finbar's. fin had a good friend named hennery, but his friend hennery die. when his friend Hennery dies, he became a very quit person and he always like to be alone and walk lonely after he lost his friend hennerry. Fin and other two characters they all have same issue, their biggest issue was home, they was all looking for a house. Fin find a house when his friend left him a small house next to the train station in Newfoundland New Jersey. fin meet a new friend when he moved in Newfoundland NJ. His new friend's name was joe and he lived near finbar's house , his friend JOe provide food olivia and Fin then he invite them to eat to gether. fin and olivia has something in common, they both losses thier closes people olivia son past away 2 years ago then Fin's best friend past away. at the end of the move we realized Olivia run away from her hasbund and lived where her famaly used to lived in newfoundland NJ. Finbar finnaly got crash on Olivia but she reject it when she got mad because she was drug adiction.

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