Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

In movie of the Station Agent there were characters who meet different problems in the movie. Fin faced problem that people are treating him badly because he was dwarf. Fin things that people are making fun of him. Fin wants to be left alone. Olive Harris faced problem because of the death of her son and she encounter emotional towards kids and she had a constant remembers of her son when she see a kids playing. In the movie when Joe Oramas started playing soccer with the kids Olive run away from the scene. In the movie they also having a problem in home because it brought them a lot of bad memories to them especially fin and olive because it make them remember the bad memory. Fin wants to be left alone at his home and he doest want to deal with anyone. I also learn that characters in the movie had different emotional problems and how having a place to call home is important. Because in the movie home was where they escape the outside things. Home is where they get isolated from outside world and the feel peace and quite. Fin disconnects his telephone and he didn’t have electricity, but he had a home. In Quindlen’s essay she said “Home is every thing” which is telling us the importance of having a place to call home in human life, and you need to get your home first than emotional needs. In the movie they also talk about how each one of them changed his life. At the end Fin became very friendly person to Olivia and Joe and he feel that he needs friends who always close to him. He also meet different people who treating him better and not making fun him, Fin get strong and he attend school to make speech for little kids he wasn’t even care if they make fun of him or not. This really taught that people can change their life. the more you socialize the people is the more you will learn the people because they are good or bad people, but you never know who is good or bad till you meet them.

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  1. I really liked how you talked about Fin and how he is socializing with his new friends.Fin is very patient person and deserves friends who can understand his emotions just like Joe and Olivia. This is a meaningful film and taught me that there are people whom are so kind to you regardless of your look or background.