Saturday, November 27, 2010


The movie, " The Station Agent", is about the life of a little dwarf who moves from one side of a town to another. Henry, fins friend, died which caused him to move. Fin inherited Henry's house in the country side by the train. This movie takes us through his journey from the city to the country side. This man Fin, who is the main character, is not as normal as everybody else in society. He is picked upon because of his height. Fin is very short. During one scene of the movie, couple young teenagers said to him, " where is snow white and the other dwarfs?" while laughing. They were trying to tease him. But some times his height makes him a unnoticeable man. During one scene, a young black girl asked him, " where is you mommy". She thought that he was as young as her. Fin was the type of person who wanted to always be zoned out of society. This is because of how people treated him in the society. He was not treated like rest of society caused him to zone out. Fin would not respond to people as they should be; he just seemed to be not caring about anything they say. This all changed when he moved to the country side. He met couple people who changed the way he acted. He met Olivia and Joe. They were very kind to him. They never seemed to talk to him like he was a average man with normal height. Joe would always want to do what Fin did. They would go on a long walk, or read all day. These activities that they would do would bring they close to each other. Olivia joined them sometimes too. After a while Fin accepted these two in his life. Fin from the beginning changed in a way through the way he accepted people in his life. This effort took a long time to accomplish; through time and effort fin became a outgoing person who realize that all people are not the same.

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