Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film “The Station Agent,” Finbar’s first realization of home was thought of a physical need. However, he finds that a home is more of an emotional state. When Finbar received the home, we see that he is satisfied. He is satisfied that he has a place to sleep without having the other things such as electricity and running water. He is so satisfied that he doesn’t care about any other things such as close friends. When he is talked to, he answers in short quick responses without the intention of carrying on the conversation. He acts this way because of the way he’s been treated before. Fin is not treated as a person. However, when Joe and Olivia treat him as a person such as telling him personal things. He begins to create friendship. We can see that Fin is starting to want to carry conversations and also his mood becomes happier. Then during the climax of the movie, he loses his friendship. We begin to see that he is distraught; for example, when he looks out to see if Joe is there. When Joe was not there, there was a change in his mood. Another example is he uses drinking to relieve himself. After a night of drinking, when he wakes up the next day, he gets a realization that he needs to get those relationships back. He tries to get them back and he successfully does so when he finds Olivia needing help and calls Joe to take them to the hospital. When the three are back together again, they are emotionally happy again. This proves my point that his home is an emotional state. All those years, when he would be made fun of because he was a “dwarf.” He only knew that home was a physical state because that’s where he could feel safe. However, when people begin to treat him as a normal human being he realize that his home is about his emotional state.

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  1. what you summerized about Fin really helps readers understand what he was really about and also it's really clear to comprehend. What i also liked about this blog was how you gave concreat examples of the film.