Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film, The Station Agent, the main character Fin is a dwarf. When his only friend Henry Styles dies, he inherits an old abandoned train depot. The train depot seemed like a good place to live for fin because he wanted to be left alone. Fin was also satisfied with the train depot because he had a place to live. For fin physical needs was more important to him than emotional needs. Everything changes when he meets Joe oramas a talkative hotdog vendor and Olivia Harris a lady who is dealing with her own personal issues. Joe tries to become friends with Fin, but Fin didn't want to make new friends. Joe did not give up, he kept trying to talk to fin. Fin then meets Olivia Harris, who almost ran over Fin with her SUV twice. To apologize she comes over to Fins house and bought him some wine. Joe invites both Fin and Olivia for lunch. Joe tries to become friends with both Olivia and Fin. Fin becomes more social and felt happier. Joe invited Fin to join him and his dad to get some wine at the bar. While fin was waiting for Joe, he saw Emily the librarian at the bar. Emily was waiting for her boyfriend who called her and told her that he could not come to the bar to meet her. Emily gets mad and tells Fin that she is pregnant and that she did not tell anyone yet. Fin didn't say anything to her. Fin walked Emily to her car, then Emily's boyfriend came and pushed Fin. Fin went home really upset. The next day Joe apologizes to Fin, but Fin did not accept his apology. Olivia had her own problems. She lost her son two years ago and she left her husband. When she is stressed out, she overdoses on medication. When Fin lost both his friends, he notices that friendship is really important, so he tries to get his friends back. Fin helps Olivia to stop taking drugs. Olivia gets in the hospital for over dosage. Fin called Joe and told him to give him a ride to the hospital. Fin got both of his friends back. Joe and Olivia were good friends because they never judged Fin because of his height. They treated him very well. Fin learns that home is an emotional state.


  1. I really like how you give details about the characters Fin

  2. Suban ,I really like how you converse about fin and the people make fun of him ,the viewer can probably assume that this is because Finbar was born with dwarfism ,and of course people can ignorant and cruel. Aside from his height, he’s just a normal guy with a huge passion for trains, but sadly it would seem as if a no one ever wants to see anything other than his height.