Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film "Station Agent” Olivia Harris is one of character in movie. She is a forty-year old artist trying to find better life and the ramifications it has had on her marriage to David, from whom she is separated with him. She leaving her home in Princeton, NJ.After her son, Sam passed away two years ago she becomes very depressed. She leaving her own life behind because she believes life and home emotional is nothing without her son Sam. she moves to Newfoundland Olivia. When she comes to the Newfoundland she meets Fin and Joe. Joe is man has truck he has no life.finbar is a very quiet person, dwarf man, he lost his best friend Henry that is reason become lonely and he feels sad because of his size .so he move to Newfoundland so when Olivia come to the town the first time she meet fin in bad situation .she had run over fin two times, but she go over his home to apologize to him. After she tell him everything about her life and how she become lonely women .one day Olivia invited Fin and Joe at her home and they are spend good time together become more close is like one family .Finally Olivia and Finbar and Joe soon become a mixed group of friends, consideration at first it would seem more like they spend time each other because there’s nothing better to do. And both find what are they miss in our life. At the end Olivia fined her problem and the only thing she need to have baby and happy family. This movie touched me in a thoughtful. It s, very funny, inspirational and illustrates that small things can make a big different and kindness to another person can go long way.


  1. hey amal igree with you how you said people are kindness to each other, but you never know the people who is good or bad till you meet them, beacuse Fin in the movie was very quiet person and he wasn't talking to the other people as much,but after he meet with Olivia and Joe he feel that they are very kind people and finally he became friendly to them.which really changed his life.

  2. I believe that Fin and Olivia are in the same type of situation. They both have been in a situation where they are lonely. Olivia lost her son and broke away from her husband, and Fin lost his best friend.