Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film, “The Station Agent”, the main character is Fin McBride who loses his best friend Henry Styles in the beginning of the movie but inherits his house so that’s the only thing his left with. So after he inherits the property he seems satisfied but that doesn’t last long because at first it was a thought of a physical need which changes as the movie progresses. But the character that got my attention the most in this film was Olivia Harris because she lost her son and her husband. Olivia is a pretty nice person but is a mess due to her tragedies, at first her and Fin meet in an odd way because she almost runs him over while he was walking which happens again, but eventually become good friends. Fin is only treated well by his friends because others in this film see him as Dwarf which doesn’t really worry him at all because he has Olivia and Joe who are great friends who treat him with respect. Olivia is really an emotional person in this film because majority of the time she is just stressed out because she wishes she never lost her son. Next, Fin really cares for Olivia because she goes through a lot and wants’ to help but she is a drug addict. Olivia basically turns into her pills when her problems increase which leads her to get professional help because that’s the only solution to her problem.


  1. I like how you summarized the character of Olivia and how her emotions really did prevent her from "finding home", but I think we may have different interpretations of the overdose scene. I got the impression that she was on the medicine, which I took to be probably an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, to help her cope with the death of her son. When she overdosed, I saw it as her wanting to end her pain over 1) the death of her son, 2) the loss of her marriage, 3) the loss of her newly acquired friendships with Fin and Joe, and 4) the news that her husband was having another child with someone else. In the end, you are right though that without Fin getting her into the hospital where she could receive help, she would not have solved any of her problems.

  2. You did good job summarizing about the character Olivia. Both Fin and Olivia had problems. Finns problem was that people made fun of him because of his height. Olivia's problem was that she lost her son and her husband. They both needed eachother to solve their problems.