Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

The movie "The Station Agent" is directed by Thomas McCarthy and Finbar McBride is main Character. Finbar McBride is a simple man his very quiet person lonely he doesn’t like to talk a lot. ; he enjoys watching and reading about trains. He does not have many friends; He is not married as well. Henry is his only friend and he works with him in small model train shop, but that change when Henry passed away. Henry left Finbar a small a house in the country side located in New Jersey near the train station in his will. Finbar decided to move to that rural place because where he uses to work was getting closed after the death of his friend and the owner.
Finbar was happy that he is moving to country side in New Jersey. He likes isolation. But when he gets there, a lot of things changed. Finbar become interesting in Cuban American named Joe, who lived near him. Finbar become friends with Cleo and Emily. Joe and Fin become close friends. They walk around through railroad in miles to film. Through Joe, Fin met Cleo and Emily and they become closer to him as well. The interaction with people, Fin began to understand requires appreciation, understanding and helping-those people or friends. Olive, Joe, and Finbar soon become a contrasting group of friends, though at first it would seem more like they spend time with each other because there’s nothing better to do. The more they spend time each other, the more small plain town seems to living up a bit.
At the end, Finbar talked, actually lectured, to students about trains and railroads. He helped Olivia during stress and depression she suffered. He has to help and mentor Emily and protect her from her friend, boyfriend. The movie touched me in a profound way .it’s sad, hilarious, inspiring, and uplifting all rolled into one small package .the story is one of overcoming our fears, being ourselves no matter what, and most of all; the importance of love and friendship . The movie is funny and full of really life realities. I enjoyed watching it.


  1. Faiza, I like the way you summary movie and the way you describe the main character Finbar.

  2. Hey faiza ithink you also enjoyed the moive as i did.we also learn that how Fin changed his life and became friendly person.