Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film “The Station Agent”, there are three main characters in the movie, these charters have in common they all trying to get a place that they can call home, and they don’t care if they have high quality life like the other people. They live in Newfoundland, New Jersey. One of the charters names, is Finbar and live in across the train station in Newfoundland. I chose to talk about Finbar because he is the interesting man in the movie. Finbar lose his best friend Henry in the beginning of the movie. After his best friend die, Finbar inherits his friend home and then decided to be quite person who wants to be alone and became train chaser. In the movie, Finbar is a quit and wise operate who always want everything to be on time and not like to be bather by the other people. In addition, Finbar thought home is physical place but he find out is an emotional state. This means he wants to get a place that he can sleep and he can get rest, without having any other thing such as electricity and top water. Which is he does not cares about any close friends. However, after while Finbar gets close to two other charters, they became friends name Joe and Olivia. Before he make friends with Joe and Olivia people used treat him so badly laugh the way he is and make fun of him. For example when Olivia and Joe treat him like really person he start to have new friendship. Therefore, after that Olivia and Finbar become closer than Joe, Olivia, and Finbar have feeling each other, and have a fun together most of the time. Olivia is related more Finbar situation, she had lost her son about two years ago and she goes back her old home that she used live with her family. Finally, when Finbar he gets new friends in that town, he feels happy and emotion with his new life that he make with the new friend Olivia and Joe that is what home is all about to him.


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  2. Hiis , I really enjoy reading how you talk about how home is important to Fin and how he can make new friendship.Fin he feel more happy and relex when he find new friends before he was lonely and quite guy he dont like to talke with nobady but know he change alot