Friday, November 26, 2010

The Station Agent

In the film “The Station Agent,” Fin McBride is one of the main characters. Fin used working in a store that closes. The owner of the store dies so the store has to be sold. He leaves his some property in his well it is an old abandoned train in Newfoundland. So he moves to Newfoundland fin. He thought everyone was look at him because was dwarf, so he thought they would make funny of height. Fin judge everyone without get to know them. He acts like he doesn’t care about anything. He was very quiet and he doesn’t like to talk a lot. He loses his friend so he doesn’t want to make new friends. Olivia had run over fin two time , so she describe to come to his house. Fin finally let’s someone in to his house when Olivia had apologize and bring him wine. She had a fell asleep in his house and Joe thought that Fin and Oliver had slept together. He starts to interact with Joe and Joe start walks with him. Everyone starts to like Fin because of Joe and Olive. Fin went to bar after Olive had laud him and he drink too much. Fingers beat up for firing to help Emily. Fin starts to changer when people start to be meaning to him he starts drinking too much and falls down on the train tracks as a trains coming. Fin does get ran over by train. Olive over does on medicine and she go to the hospital. Fin becomes an outspoken nice man after Olivia recovery. Fins learn it better to have friend then be alone. He learns that you people help to make your dream come true. Olivia buys him video camera so he can run after the train. He becomes good friend with Olivia and Joe. Fin life has change a lot.

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  1. Hodan, I like how you give us details about Fin. Physical needs was really important to Fin in the begginning of the film. When he met Olivia and Joe, he learned that emotional needs was also important. All three characters needed each other in order to be happy.